Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Our hospital is filled with caring, skilled people dedicated to providing outstanding care to our patients and their people. Many staff members have been with us for more than a decade and we enjoy a close working relationship.

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    Associate Veterinarians

  • leahybiopic

    Carolyn Leahy DVM

    Dr. Carolyn Leahy received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University…
  • ef

    Eileen Fisher VMD

    Dr. Eileen Fisher, grew up in North Central Massachusetts, joined the hospital July 25,…
  • KC Bio Pic

    Kristen Childress DVM

    Dr. Kristen Childress received her undergraduate degree from LeMoyne College, with a…
  • hinzbiopic

    Krystyna Hinz DVM

    Dr. Krystyna Hinz grew up in Massachusetts and received her Bachelor of Science degree in…

    Practice Manager & Senior Technician

  • steph

    Stephanie Hudon

    Stephanie is the Practice Manager and Senior Technician here at Lockridge Animal Hospital.…

    Office Manager & Receptionist

  • becky

    Becky Saad

    Becky is the Front Office Manager at Lockridge Animal Hospital! She has been with the…


  • cat laying on woman's chest

    Alana Popp

    Alana has been a part of the Lockridge Animal Hospital reception team since July 2015.…
  • Candice

    Candice Moul

    Born and raised in Manchester (termed a “townie” by the rest of our staff), Candice…
  • gail

    Gail Barbour

    Gail has been at Lockridge Animal Hospital for 11 years! She adores the veterinary setting…
  • Robin

    Robin Zayko

    Robin started at Lockridge Animal Hospital as a receptionist in July of 2015.  She has…
  • tina

    Tina Douglas

    Tina was a technician for about 12 years. She decided to go for a second career and…


  • Alyssa

    Alyssa McKenna

    Although Alyssa has always had a soft spot for animals, she recently discovered her love…
  • beth

    Beth Gehalo

    Beth has been a part of Lockridge Animal Hospital for about 7 years, and has been a…
  • Default Image

    Brian Owens

    Since elementary school, Brian has always had a passion for nursing animals and medicine.…
  • christine

    Christine Lavoie

    Christine has been a member of the Lockridge Animal Hospital family for 13 years! She…
  • diana

    Diana Proulx

    Diana has been with the Lockridge Animal Hospital family since the summer of 2015.  She…
  • sandra

    Sandra Dustin

    Sandra has been a surgical technician at Lockridge Animal Hospital for 12 years! In her…
  • sara

    Sara Hebert

    The Lockridge Animal Hospital family welcomed Sara to our team January 2016.  She is an…
  • tiffany

    Tiffany Staadt

    Tiffany is the technician supervisor at Lockridge Animal Hospital, and has been a…

    Senior Patient Care Assistant

  • kim

    Kim Whitehouse

    Kim is the Facility Maintenance Supervisor and Senior Patient Care Assistant. She has been…

    Facility Attendants & Patient Care Assistants

  • dixie

    Dixie Chute

    Dixie is a facility attendant at Lockridge Animal Hospital. Before joining out staff,…
  • gena

    Gena Walker

    Gena is an assistant and facility attendant at Lockridge Animal Hospital.  She has been…