Feb 03 2014

National Pet Dental Month

dogs chewing on toothbrush

February is National Pet Dental Month. To start the month off I wanted to share with you the importance of having your pet’s mouth and teeth checked. I remind my servants to look at my teeth very regularly. You see, I do like to nibble. Your pets do not always show signs of oral discomfort. Many cats and dogs with abscessed teeth are completely normal at home. Tartar and abscesses are just built up plaque and bacteria. When structures in the mouth become red ad inflamed it becomes very easy for that bacteria to enter the blood stream and cause other, more serious, problems such as kidney and heart problems.
Through the month of February I will be watching my servants dentistry schedule for some examples of different dental problems and procedures. I will try to keep you updated with anything I can. In the mean time I have placed links below for a few of our dentistry handouts. If you have any questions or think it may be time for your pet to have his or her mouth and teeth examined please give my servants a call. They will be happy to assist you.

Dental Cleaning
Tooth Brushing
Dental ATP
Cat Dental Problems
Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

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