Aug 18 2014

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day 2014

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What’s been the topic at Lockridge Animal Hospital this week?

Cats, cats, CATS! They are cute, cuddly, make us laugh, and are always there for us. There’s a reason they are the number 1 pet in America! So what can we do for them in return?

Cats are wonderful creatures. They have so many adorable qualities…lounging in the sun, rolling around in their favorite spot, playing with a favorite toy, and hiding disease.

Wait, what was that? Hiding disease? That’s right! Most cat owners are unaware just how sly their furry little friend really can be.

Although vaccination to prevent disease IS important… it is not the most important part of bringing your kitty to the veterinarian. A full head to toe exam is more valuable! Unlike dogs or people, cats are notorious for hiding signs of diseases like gingivitis, arthritis, and flea infestations. Some diseases your kitty may be harboring may even leave your feline friend in some sort of pain – but like most stoic cats, he or she won’t show you!

“But my cat doesn’t go outside – he’s fine!” We hear this myth VERY often. Although your kitty companion may not experience the great outdoors, many parasites don’t discriminate. Fleas may take a ride in on you before happily settling into your home and pet. Diseases like gingivitis, ear infections, and allergies all can affect indoor cats just as much as outdoor!

Having a blood screen can also be extremely beneficial – as unfortunately, veterinarians are not yet equipped with x-ray vision. Did you know that 1 in every 12 geriatric cats will be diagnosed with kidney disease? The difference in treating your kitty early versus late can add a year or more to your cat’s happy, comfortable life.

So do your cat a favor in return for that delicious mouse left on your pillow and schedule a wellness exam for this Friday, which is National Bring Your Cat To The Vet Day! Besides, us veterinary folk love nothing more than a day full of cute cats! Who else is down to celebrate?!

P.S. Still having trouble getting kitty into the carrier? Stay tuned to our blog for helpful tips and tricks!

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