Dec 02 2014

December 2014 Patient of the Month

Dog Holiday Card

I am pleased to introduce Miss Abby. She is a southern rescue pup that came all this way to join the family of Hunter and his people. Hunter, by the way, is also a southern rescue pup. Abby is an amazing girl whose zest for life is topped only by her cuteness. However, she wasn’t alone on her journey. She was the transport unit for some “hitchhikers”. Heartworms were on board! Luckily she will be back to playing with Hunter and stealing his toys in no time. Her infection was detected early so she can be treated. If you have a southern rescue dog or are considering adopting one you should be sure to have them tested for heartworms as soon as you get them and then again a few months later even if they were tested by the rescue group. There are so many dogs from the southern states, especially in the previously Katrina devastated Louisiana and surrounding areas that have heartworms but if heartworm disease is caught early, it is treatable. Abby has already begun her treatment and will soon be worm free. I have instructed my servants on the proper protocol for ridding her of her passengers. The American Heartworm Society has an excellent website dedicated to teaching everyone about Heartworm Disease. Everyone with a dog or cat should visit this site for the latest information on the spread of heartworm infection and the treatment available for dogs.

In the meantime Abby will be entertaining all of us at her visits and enjoying her new family. She is a sweet addition to our veterinary family and our first ever Patient of the Month.

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