Jan 20 2015

January 2015 Patient of the Month

This cutie pie is Hana.  Hana is a young girl that had an accident in her home that caused a fracture of her hip.  Unfortunately her family did not witness the event so we do not know exactly how this happened.  She was presented to us by her parents after they heard a crash and noticed her limping on her leg.  She was very painful and needed pain medication for us to evaluate the extent of the damage.  Once radiographs were taken it was determined that she would require surgery to repair the fracture.

Hana’s owners made the decision to proceed with surgery to repair her leg.  Her surgery revealed more damage than was originally thought based on the radiographs but the procedure went very well and she is making a remarkable recovery.  Until she is completely healed she must have her activity limited as much as possible and she has been prescribed physical therapy to keep her muscles, ligaments and tendons strong and flexible.   She is a very brave girl and is well on her way to being her normal, active self again.

Although indoor cats are much safer and generally more protected and it is less common to see this type of injury in a cat that does not go outside, it does happen.  This is a common fracture site for cats and always requires surgical repair.  If your cat is showing signs of lameness or limping call us.  There can be many reasons.

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