Feb 08 2015

February 2015 Patient of the Month

Lockridge Animal Hospital is pleased to present Leo!  Leo is a 5 year old lab mix who had the misfortune of being hit by a car on December 7th.  His parents rushed him to the emergency clinic where he was evaluated and it was determined that he did not have any life threatening injuries.  However, he did have a very severe injury to his front leg and paw.  No bones were broken but the skin was gone in a few areas exposing the bones and ligaments of his leg.  The emergency clinic bandaged his leg for the night and he was brought to us the next morning.  He was not using the injured leg and was in a great deal of pain.

Due to the type of injury he received, surgical repair was going to be complicated.  He would potentially need multiple skin grafts with no promise of success.  We offered an alternative approach, healing by second intention or granulation.  We began bandaging his wounds with special bandages designed for open wounds.  We also began therapeutic laser treatments.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to offer Companion Therapy Laser.  Therapy laser is designed for virtually any inflammatory condition including wounds!  Companion Therapy Laser is a class 4 laser system almost identical to the ones used by many of the major sports teams.  For Leo we decided to try this for multiple reasons.  It helps with pain management, it decreases inflammation and it encourages healing and he needed all three.

For most patients with this degree of tissue damage, granulation can take several months or more to complete.  Leo came in every day for bandage changes, wound care and laser therapy in the beginning.  It wasn’t long before we realized he was a very special boy.  Despite his pain he was always happy and loving.  He also began to heal very quickly.  At each bandage change we were astonished at how much improvement he was making.  Soon it seemed as if the wound was shrinking almost overnight.


In a little over 6 weeks Leo was healed enough to go without a bandage.  He is now bearing weight on the injured leg and is well on his way to a full recovery!  The speed of his healing is remarkable.

Leo and his family made such an impression on the entire staff. He is a wonderful, sweet boy with an amazing outlook on life. He is so happy and full of energy. He still has some recovering to do but his wonderful family is dedicated to all his needs. His recovery has been so gratifying to all who participated in his treatment!

For pictures of Leo’s leg through each stage of healing Click Here! Caution, images are graphic. These are close up photos of his wound and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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