Aug 01 2015

Frozen Treats for our Four-Legged Friends

dogs and popcicles

In the middle of summer, as the temperatures rise, we start to think of ways to stay cool. While a bowl of icecream hits the spot for us humans, it can be a terrible choice for our pets leading to tummy troubles and even pancreatitis. Instead, let’s make a safe, yummy alternative for our pets at home.

  1. Start with a clean container that you can fit into your freezer. You can be simple or creative. Items like ice cube trays, food storage containers, plastic jugs and rubber toys (such as Kongs) work great. You may also try muffin tins or popsicle forms.
  2. Next formulate your mixture. You could begin with low sodium beef or chicken broth as the base and add yummy items like peanut butter, non-fat plain cottage cheese or yogurt, applesauce, plain canned pumpkin, cooked oatmeal, rice or pasta. Just be sure to remember that our dogs aren’t used to too much fat in their diet and try to stick to low fat choices.
  3. Fill the container of your choice.
  4. For an extra special treat, add some kibble or training treats. Most dogs like fruits and vegetables too. Add sliced, chopped or pureed bananas, apples, watermelon, sweet potato, carrots or green beans. Please remember that dogs cannot be given grapes, raisins, onions or garlic in their treats as these foods can be toxic to them.

Next time you reach for a popsicle, be sure to have a frosty treat ready for your four-pawed friend too.   You may be surprised how much they appreciate it!


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