Oct 25 2016

October 2016 Patient of the Month

black and white cat

From Blackie’s Mom…

Blackie came into my life and home when his owner needed surgery and hospitalization and asked me to care of him while she was gone. From the hospital she went to a nursing home and has not returned. Since we live in the same apartment building, for the first month I visited Blackie twice a day in her apartment. Blackie is such an endearing and affectionate little fellow, I could tell he was lonesome and I didn’t feel it was right to leave a cat alone for so long. Therefore, I made the decision to bring him to my apartment. He adapted very well immediately.

About a month later I noticed he had a large soft lump on the right side of his throat. Looking in the phone book for a veterinarian, I was guided to Lockridge Animal Hospital. They drained the abscess and put him on antibiotics. But a few weeks later when I took Blackie in for his annual shots, Dr. Hinz discovered that a much harder growth had returned. Dr. McCammon also examined Blackie and advised that this abscess be removed surgically. We could not afford this. I took Blackie home with another dose of antibiotics but noticed that the lump was growing rapidly. So against my heart and feelings I took Blackie back to Lockridge to have him put down. A friend offered to come with me because this was too difficult.

Dr. McCammon knew our situation and also explained to me that veterinarians are advocates for the life of animals and given the fact, that other than this abscess, six year old Blackie seemed healthy, ethically he could not end his life… Then the most wonderful thing happened. Dr. McCammon and members of the staff at Lockridge Animal Hospital offered their services by giving Blackie what is called Compassionate Care. Now two weeks later after successful surgery and hospitalization and of course lots of loving, compassionate care, Blackie is back home well and happy. Both Blackie and I are so grateful to Dr. McCammon, Dr. Hinz and the whole staff of Lockridge Animal Hospital who took so good care of him. I recently read that “cats are angels with whiskers” , well I think this is a case of angels meeting angels. May you all be blessed for loving and protecting the life of animals.

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