Apr 24 2017

Roland’s Story

Hi everyone, Buffy here.  You know me.  I run Lockridge Animal Hospital and everyone here works for me.  Today I want to tell you about my friend Roland.  In 2013 Roland found himself in the shelter.  With no home and no family to love and care for him he was told he had a disease called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  This was confusing to Roland because he felt fine.  He couldn’t understand how he could be sick without feeling ill.  To make things worse he was also told that because of this disease he would not be allowed to play with the other cats because this FIV was contagious to other cats. For a few months, he lived at the shelter, lonely and wishing for a home and family of his own.  Then, one day, it happened.  Despite being told Roland had FIV, a virus that is incurable and could shorten his life, his family wanted him and loved him anyway.  He went home.  He couldn’t believe it.  Roland’s new mom and dad were great.  They cared for Roland and made sure he was comfortable and happy. The day I met Roland was the first time he came to meet my people here at Lockridge Animal Hospital, for his exam.  He was nervous but Dr. McCammon was slow and gentle with him.  His check-up was good and his parents got to ask questions about his FIV.  He learned that cats can live many normal years of life with FIV.  It was scary to hear but he knew his parents would take good care of him and they did.  They fed him healthy food, kept him warm, gave him his vitamins, visited Lockridge Animal Hospital regularly for check-ups but most of all they loved him and he loved them. Roland thrived for many years in the care of his new family.  He had a great life but for the past four months Roland had not been feeling great.  Some days he was completely himself but some days he wasn’t.  He visited my staff many times and they found some issues developing slowly such as kidney and intestinal disease.  The medications he was prescribed always made him feel better but over time, he got worse.  We even had him checked out by an internist and ultrasonographer. Last week his parents brought Mr. Roland in for his final visit.  He was not feeling well at home and was very uncomfortable.  After speaking with my people, everyone knew it was time for Roldan’s journey on this earth to end.  It was very sad for all of us.  We had all become so fond of Roland and his family.  They loved and cared for him in spite of knowing he had FIV and that his time with them was uncertain.  He was an amazing boy and will be greatly missed.  His parents forwarded this letter to us and we’d like to share it with you.  Rest in peace Roland.  We will never forget you.   Roland LetterRoland3aRoland2a

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