Our History

historycombo1The photo above is believed to date to the early 1940’s. It shows the original hospital building and the attached residence as it was then. The photo to the left is The Hospital Circa 1950’s. The photo to the right is the surgery room from the original hospital building. The exact date of this picture is unknown but is believed to have been taken in the 1950’s.

Dr. Michael McCammon and Dr. Pamela Richard are the fourth generation of veterinarians at this location! The practice was started in the 1930’s by Dr. Carl Chase. Following Dr. Chase was Dr. Leslie Durant and then Dr. Thomas Lockridge. Dr. Lockridge owned the practice for 42 years, the longest of all the owners. Upon retiring in 1996, Dr. Lockridge entrusted his long-established practice to new owners Drs. Michael McCammon and Pamela Richard in October of that year. Out of respect for him and his commitment to this hospital, the name remains.

historycombo2The picture to the left shows two of the hospital’s previous owners, Dr. Thomas Lockridge and Dr. Leslie Durant. This picture was taken while Dr. Durant owned the practice and Dr. Lockridge was a student. These pictures to the right are of the original exam rooms. They are believed to have been taken in the 1950’s.

updated history picsThe first addition (the photo on the right) consisted of a new building to house a new reception area, seperate dog and cat waiting areas, four new exam rooms, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and seperate dog and cat wards. The picture on the left is of the original hospital building as it appears now. With only minor updates, we have tried to preserve the overall appearance.

In May of 2001 the first addition was finished and in use. In March of 2008 the second addition was completed to expand and renovate the ICU, Treatment Area, Surgery Suites and Dental Suites. An isolation ward was also created.