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  • cat with iphone

    iPhone/iOS Users

    May 08 2015

    It has come to our attention that those of our clients using iPhones, iPads or any device running iOS are unable to fully visualize our Google Reviews or write a Google Review. …

  • Romeo

    April 2015 Patient of the Month

    May 05 2015

    We are pleased to introduce “Romeo”.  “Romeo” is an amazing, charming, 8 year old Papillion boy.  He has a liver disorder called “Copper Storage Disease”.  There is copper in many…

  • cat chewing on camera

    Photographing Our Pets

    Apr 30 2015

    Our pets fill a large part of our hearts and we enjoy having their pictures framed on our desk or wall. You may have noticed a number of photographs in…

  • puppy rest on heart pillow

    March is Pet Heart Health Month

    Apr 17 2015

    Pets, just like people, can develop heart disease. It is actually quite common. “It is estimated that 10% of dogs have heart disease. The percentage increases as dogs age, with…

  • March 2015 Patient of the Month

    Mar 20 2015

    Snuggles is an adorable, sweet, almost 13 year old boy with heart disease. He was diagnosed when he was only 7 years old. He was brought to Lockridge Animal Hospital…

  • aging dog

    Aging Pets

    Mar 12 2015

    With the large strides made in preventative medicine, our pets are living longer and healthier lives. As our pets age, there maybe subtle changes that occur, over time, that are…

  • Beneful Lawsuit

    Feb 27 2015

    It has come to our attention that an individual in California has filed a lawsuit against Purina’s “Beneful” brand dog food claiming that the food caused the death of his…

  • February 2015 Patient of the Month

    Feb 08 2015

    Lockridge Animal Hospital is pleased to present Leo!  Leo is a 5 year old lab mix who had the misfortune of being hit by a car on December 7th.  His…

  • canine dentistry

    Dental Health and Your Pet

    Feb 01 2015

    One of the most commonly seen conditions in pets is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a disease that affects the tissues that surround the teeth. Cats and dogs don’t typically…

  • January 2015 Patient of the Month

    Jan 20 2015

    This cutie pie is Hana.  Hana is a young girl that had an accident in her home that caused a fracture of her hip.  Unfortunately her family did not witness…