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  • Indoor VS. Outdoor Cats

    Jan 20 2015

    An age-old debate among cat owners is the question “Should I let my cat go outdoors?  Or should I keep him in?”  We all love our feline babies and want…

  • Pet Holiday Tips

    Holiday Pet Tips

    Dec 02 2014

    Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve is a very busy time of year with pet emergencies. Festive decorations, delicious human foods, and the noise, stress and unpredictability of holiday parties all…

  • Dog Holiday Card

    December 2014 Patient of the Month

    Dec 02 2014

    I am pleased to introduce Miss Abby. She is a southern rescue pup that came all this way to join the family of Hunter and his people. Hunter, by the…

  • Patient of the Month

    Nov 20 2014

    Starting December 1st I will be posting a patient of the month.  This patient will be chosen by my servants in order to highlight a very special patient or case…

  • How to… Enrich the life of your indoor kitty!

    Oct 20 2014

    How to… Enrich the life of your indoor kitty!  We all know it is safer for your kitty to stay indoors. Diseases like feline leukemia, FIV, wounds from fights, abscesses,…

  • cat to the vet day symbol

    National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day 2014

    Aug 18 2014

    What’s been the topic at Lockridge Animal Hospital this week? Cats, cats, CATS! They are cute, cuddly, make us laugh, and are always there for us. There’s a reason they…

  • fluffy cat

    The Dangers of Easter Lilies

    May 07 2014

    Cats and dogs love to graze on our house plants. It is sometimes their favorite pastime; to play with the parts that dangle and eat them once they have fallen…

  • dogs chewing on toothbrush

    National Pet Dental Month

    Feb 03 2014

    February is National Pet Dental Month. To start the month off I wanted to share with you the importance of having your pet’s mouth and teeth checked. I remind my…

  • Cat sitting on wood floor

    Boo and the Oncologist

    Jan 16 2014

    I know I’ve been away for a while but I’ve returned to tell you about a special friend of mine. His name is Boo and he has cancer. I first…

  • National Pet Week

    May 07 2013

    This week is National Pet Week! This is a time to honor our beloved, four-legged family members. Everyone at Lockridge Animal Hospital wants to thank you for all the great…