Behavioral Counseling

dog with destroyed pillow cat in litter box

nicholas_chewingDr. Pamela Richard and Dr. Dianne Carey are the doctors on staff with particular interest and expertise in the diagnostics and treatment of behavioral disorders in cats and dogs. Behavior problems are the leading cause of death in our companion animals. Many times owners relinquish their pets to shelters or end up contemplating euthanasia because they are unaware of any other solutions.

Common Problems

  • Aggression toward people or other animals

  • Anxiety or Fear based behavior (I.e. Separation Anxiety)

  • Compulsive Disorders

  • Inappropriate Elimination – Urination or Defecation

  • Phobias – to noise or new situations

Behavior problems very often develop when an animal is anxious and uncertain how to react in a given situation. Animals can learn to be fearful in certain situations or become phobic about noises. Medical conditions and neurochemical imbalances also can contribute to behavior problems.behavior

A behavior consultation with Dr. Richard or Dr. Carey initially involves a 30-minute to 1-hour appointment. During this time, a very thorough history of your pet and his/her behavior will be taken. Management of the problem often involves behavioral modification, written protocols and sometimes medication. Follow-up phone calls and progress appointments are extremely important to a successful outcome.