ultrasound1Lockridge Animal Hospital is fortunate in having the talents of specialists available to us on a weekly basis. New England Veterinary Specialists is a group of board certified veterinary internists and cardiologists that travel to veterinary hospitals in New England to provide high quality ultrasonography. Dr. Paul Kaplan and Dr. Joshua Gidlewski are here at Lockridge Animal Hospital weekly to perform these procedures.  We are also happy to have Dr. Jennifer McClellan, an internal medicine specialist, here every week to perform abdominal ultrasounds. This allows us direct involvement with the specialist at the time of the exam.

Many people are familiar with ultrasound because of its common usage in human medicine. This modality can often offer a non-invasive way to provide the information necessary in making a diagnosis. This procedure requires no anesthesia.

ultrasound2Ultrasound uses sound waves produced by a transducer. The waves encounter different densities and shapes as it enters the body and part of the wave is reflected back to the probe and is detected as an “echo”. This “echo” forms an image in the screen. Doppler ultrasonography is used to study blood flow. The different speeds are represented in color for ease of interpretation, for example, leaky heart valves. The leak shows up as a flash of unique color. Ultrasound is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.